AMCB Foundation Bangladesh helps with mosquito control in Bikrampur Khilgaon

During the first week of September 2021, AMCB Foundation Bangladesh, in coordination with the Munshiganj District branch of Bangladesh Human Rights Development Commission, worked to reduce the mosquito population in Bikrampur Khilgaon and surrounding villages.  

In the last few months, Bangladesh suffered an endemic of Dengu Fever.  Dengu Fever is carried by mosquitoes and can lead to serious illness or death.  A large number of people in Bangladesh were infected with Dengu Fever, which led to many deaths.  

As part of the larger efforts to combat Dengu Fever, AMCB Foundation Bangladesh and the Mushiganj District Branch of the Bangladesh Human Rights Development Commission sprayed several villages to help control the mosquito population.  Please click here for more information about the efforts and see below for some photos.  

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